What are the basic steps in playing the game?

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When you’re interested in playing online live dealer blackjack. You must know its rules and betting tips to have an idea and win in the games. It is open for existing and new players. You will learn strategies and chances to win the game. The goal of the game is easy. You need to have a total close to 21 and have a higher hand than the dealer. When the dealer goes beyond 21 they lose the game and the same as you. When you’re a new player you can have these easy steps in playing this game.

How to play blackjack?

The aim of this game is to reach 21 although there are some rules that you need to know first before playing the game.

Join in a table

You will be joining at the blackjack table. And once all players are already good. Each of you will be dealing with two cards facing up. Also, the dealer will have two cards.

Think about whether you stand or hit

You better work hard to get the value and the same as the dealer to have a total of 21 without going over. For you to not be confused about what is hit or stand.


You need to ask the dealer for another card. You will only do this once you know the value of your cards. You are sure that the other card that you will get won’t go over or you can take a risk of the dealer to get a better hand.


You will ask the dealer to go over to the next player and to deal you with no more cards. You will only have this when your cards have a high card. And you won’t risk it because you are unsure whether the dealer’s hand will defeat you.

The hand value

With the move that you made you will get a new card. You are still in the game once your hand has a value of 21 or less.

The dealer will show their cards

Once all the players have made a decision the dealer will then show their cards facedown.

Check who is closer to 21

When your hand is closer to 21 compared to the dealer you win the game. But when the dealer has a 21 or closer compared to any players they win. Once you are lucky the dealer will give you winnings. The amount will be based on what kind of bet you placed.

And now you have known the basic steps in playing the game. And there are some basic rules that you always need to learn and remember in the game. It is for you to get more winnings than losing.

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