Understanding How Online Slots Machines Work

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The slot game is pretty easy – choose a coin to bet, spin the reels, and wait for the outcome. As a beginner, it is not uncommon to get excited and start playing without really understanding the game and how it works. Although playing a slot machine is straightforward, there are things that you also need to be aware of, like how it really works and what makes them difficult to win.

Physical Slots vs Online Slots

If you have played slots at your local casino, you will realize that the digital machines online somewhat look the same. They still have three to five reels that spin and stop to determine if you win or lose. Though with physical slot machines at land-based casinos, they do not have the modern features that come in online slots.

These features include the ‘expanding wilds’ and ‘animated bonus rounds.’ Still, they basically work the same way. The major difference between these two is the manner in how the outcome is determined. At licensed casinos, they use Random Number  Generators or RNG.

Understanding RNG Software

The Random Number Generator (RNG) software makes sure that the outcome of the game is fair for every player. RNGs are regularly tested by regulators as this is part of their license agreement with the online casino operator. The RNG software is completely random. This means that whatever wins or losses you had before will have no impact on your next spin.

So how do these RNGs work? Here is the simple process of how the RNG works every time you spin:

  • The player enters the game and presses SPIN.
  • The mathematical module in the software translates this number and determines randomly where the reels stop.
  • The reels then stop where they should and the result is calculated.
  • The player knows if they win or not.

Introducing, the House Edge

You always have to remember that for an online casino operator to make money, they need to have the house edge at every game that they offer. And that is the same for all the online casinos out there. So you need to familiarize yourself with the Return to Player (RTP) percentage as well as the volatility/variance of every slot game that you choose.

Playing casino online like the joker game is fun and exciting. There are varieties of games for you to try and play. Slots do not need skills to learn how to play and actually win. Still, it would be your advantage if you know a thing or two about how the game really works.

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