Understand All The Boxing Rules Before Playing

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The fight is controlled by a referee who works with boxers in the ring to judge and control the behavior of the fighters. There are usually three judges on the side of the circuit to record the match and award points to the boxers based on punches, defense, and knockouts. Boxers have a specific corner of the episode, where their trainer can handle them at the start of the battle and between rounds.

Boxers typically win competitions based on points awarded by judges, but spells can end in intermittent decisions and draws. A boxer can win the match before a decision is made by www.ts911.org, that is when the boxer is knocked down during the fight, and the referee begins to count, and the number of referees reaches ten. , then the boxer who was eliminated as being excluded will be excluded.

A boxer can also win an adjustment with a technical knockout. That is when a referee decides a fighter that he is unable to continue fighting safely, due to injury or by judging that ‘he is unable to defend himself effectively. When the boxer is released, the other boxer must immediately stop fighting and move to the neutral corner closest to the ring until the referee decides to knock down or calls for the fight to continue.

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Professional boxing and amateur boxing matches are supervised by a referee who is the only person authorized inside the circuit with boxers during the rounds. The referee must ensure that both fighters fight by the rules, and if they fail to do so, he may exclude the boxer for gross violations of the regulations or deduct points for lesser infractions. There are also judges seated outside the ring and recording the matches. In amateur events, there are five judges, and in professional games, there are two or three judges. A person known as the timekeeper is always present and indicates a bell at the start and end of each lap. Finally, the doctor is also required for minors liable to penalties.

When boxers are prohibited from hitting under the belt, they grab, knock, push, bite, spit or fight. They are also prohibited from kicking, kicking, or hitting with any part of the arm other than the knuckles. If a boxer breaks these rules, the referee may judge them as errors, and may issue warnings or reduction points or exclude an offensive 8 max มวยไทย สด who may result in an automatic loss depending on the severity of the error made.

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