The most effective method of poker card cheats

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At present, many people have a craze to play poker games and they are looking for some simple ways to win the game. For cheaters, they don’t want to spend much time to improve their skills and they would like to be master in cheating.

The cards which are changed illegally in such a way that their values are apparent from the back are called marked cards. This is the most popular method of cheating in card games. Marking on those cards involve sketching on the back of the card which is understandable, making a mark visible, or scratching but unnoticeable on the cards etc.

Things to be noted in the bicycle marked deck:

Bicycle marked decks are a regular 52-card deck of black and red coloured cards. Each of the marked cards may have one of the 4 suits: clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. The numbers on the bicycle marked deck range from 2 to 10, then continue onto “Jack.” The Bicycle logo is usually printed on the Ace of Spades. Most regular bicycle playing card sets come with an information card, hand ranks of poker, and 2 Jokers. The most custom Bicycle playing cards will carry 2 Jokers and 2 extra cards that contain an advertisement or can be utilised for magic tricks.

Bicycle marked cards

There are two means to have marked cards. You can get the invisible ink pen or luminous ink kit and mark your cards or you can get professionally marked cards from a magician supplier which will be printed professionally by a bright ink printer. Each way has an advantage and disadvantage of getting the poker cards.

Marking your cards, this choice may get slow but can keep your money. The positive result of using this option is that it is very affordable and you can print them your way. Adding a letter, symbol, number, would all be a method to your requirements! The cons of adopting this method are more knowledge and time-related. The effort to paint simply one deck of cards would take you around 4-6 hours and later add in the knowledge factor!

Full Functions of the marked cards:

The mark shows three things:

  • The pips and number for this bicycle marked deck
  • The number and pips for the ending card
  • The place of this card in the entire deck

Easy to read the marked cards:

The marking size printed on the backside of the card is 5 times bigger than normal card markings, doing these markings more comfortable to read.

All of them utilize a graphic mark, which further makes them clear to read. Moreover, this is the ideal fit for a large group. The only point is that you identify the picture.

The most difficult one to identify the mark:

The super huge mark is fully combined into the design of the card, making it particularly elusive. It is like a chameleon is deceived in the broad forest, which is hard to be found by your audience.

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