Here Comes Cash Gaming On Tunas Poker, A Saviour In Disguise

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These games are more than appropriate for online playing because, *drum rolls*, you never get eliminated. As in, if at all you do, you can always hop in over and over again and keep playing. Isn’t that a bang on choice for anyone who wants to have a gala time? However, if you think about it this way, that if the players have practically nothing to lose, they wouldn’t even play poker as enthusiastically as they would have otherwise.

How is poker games played?

Take, for instance, a ½, with everyone possessing 2000 chips. Now they could use them as and when necessary or even buy them again when they bust out. And I’m saying this solely when you all decide to play without any real cash whatsoever. Because, let’s face it, once you start abiding by real money, you have nobody but yourself to blame in times of insurgency and all-ins. They might just get bizarre and unkempt with their respective chips. They could either not take any risk at all, or keep taking them continuously filling up a big load in the end. And if you only want to play for the sake of playing and extracting some jitters and fun out of it, then make sure you assign everyone with a bankroll.

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So, now that you have figured out which one you would go for, tournaments or cash games, you could call your friends and ask them to show up on Zoom or Google meet maybe? And trust me, once you start playing, there’s no going back. It’ll be nothing short of eating your favorite piece of the muffin on a bright sunny morning. Download whichever app you want to, connect your friends, asking them to gear up and be ready to lose because you definitely believe you are going to win no matter what! *chuckles*.