Online Casino Rules and Percentages Explained

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Understanding the rules and percentages that apply in any online casino is a useful tool to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. I recently received an e-mail from a regular reader who’d been informed that he was being charged more than he’d been expecting for a withdrawal from a particular online casino.

He didn’t understand why and was starting to get suspicious that the casino may have “messed” up on a bill.

He contacted me via e-mail and after we discussed the issue and I verified that his withdrawal wasn’t an error, 먹튀검증 we managed to work out a solution for the bad bill.

In a real-world situation, it’s not much use expecting to be able to negotiate with the casino on their mistakes, but I’ve found that it works if you’re having a problem with the amount you’re being charged, as long as you’re persistent.

  1. Percentages Explained

The first thing to understand about the percentages involved in online casino games is that they’re purely percentages.

In other words, there’s nothing there that tells the casino what to give you or what to take away. The percentages tell you what percentage of what you’re playing will be taken and what percentage of the winnings you get will be taken.

If you’re playing a single-bet game with a table-sized payline, for example, and the game has a 10% edge in the casino, then you’ll get 10% of every bet you place, 10% of the winnings that you’re given and 10% of the winnings that you win.


  1. Why the Percentage?

Why would online casino game providers charge a percentage on money that’s owed to them? Why wouldn’t they just take the money and be done with it?

Firstly, the percentage is for the casino to cover its cost of running the online casino. In other words, as long as it doesn’t lose money먹튀검증from the percentages, it’s not really affected by them.

The only downside to this is that when there are higher winnings, they’re being shared by the people who have played the game.

Thirdly, the percentage is for the casino to cover its cost of making a payment to the customers.

Online Casino Rules and the Customer-Casino Relationship

One of the reasons that the casino might be charged a percentage for any winnings is that it’s creating a relationship with the customer.

In some ways, it’s a little like credit cards. You don’t buy anything unless you use your credit card. You’re not going to spend money you don’t have if you have a credit card, are you?

If you’re paying a monthly payment for your credit card, it’s to encourage you to use the card. You have an incentive to use your credit card and charge more things if you want to avoid a nasty surprise.Online casinos and payment processors have the same thing in mind.