Sa Game-Not Just A Game But A War

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ถอน is a game of bet and to be a little formal, it’s a game of wager. The game with 52 cards requiring a bit of fluke and a lot of strategies.

Now let’s see against what and with what…do they wager!?It happens against each other which is going to depend upon the value of the sa game hand and it happens with discs made out of plastic or ceramic called chips.

At the end of the game the value of these chips is calculated and given out in the form of money to the winner.

Understanding how it is played? Players’ tips and tricks that work!

It begins with dealers shuffling the deck of cards and allocating them among the players, after which the players get to decide upon how many cards he wants to throw and replace them by drawing new ones thereby changing the value of the hand.

What is with this value of sa game hand?

Well, the value of the sa game hand ranges from straight flush to high card while straight flush being the best, consisting of: five cards of the same suit in sequence!! and high card consisting of, none of the members having a pair and the highest card being the winner!

Now let’s delve into a bit of history:

Looks like sa game (known as Poque in its earliest forms) have originated from the domino-card game which was an uncomplicated and relatively easy betting card game.

1829-not only the year of the Tarqui battle but also the time when the French and the English sailors sow the seed of sa game. Although back then, it was just a 20 -card deck game still it was considered to be a war and which is why we say sa gaming 1688 not just a game but a war and of course it later turned out to be a 52-card deck game!

History also tells us that there were very similar kinds of games in different parts of the world such as “As-nas” in Persia, “Ganjapha” in India etc.

Fun and interesting facts about sa game

The sa game is one of the most profitable sports of the world.The bird cage theatre of Arizona has witnessed the longest game of sa game which lasted for 8 years 5 months and 3 days!

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