Poker In Germany

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There are many casinos in Germany that it is difficult to believe online Poker is not legal in the country. There is only one state exempted to this. Germany has brought to our world many great and wonderful things. The best beers, the amazing Oktoberfest, and fast reliable cars. They even break English football fans’ hearts during penalty shootouts.

Live Poker

For a country with over eighty million people, having around eighty casinos seems so few. Most of these casinos maintain a strict dress code. You cannot gain entry unless you abide by their rules and regulations.


Germany has sixteen states. Each of them has the right to set up licensing and regulating framework for land-based gaming. Only casinos owned by the state can host games of chance. But, there are legal Poker tables in all sixteen federal states. 

Poker Online Games


Several casinos are in Germany. Casino Schenefeld in Schleswig-Holstein hosts daily tournaments and cash games. The buy-ins range from €35-150. The PokerStars event “EUREKA” alsto happened in this location.

Cash games used to have No Limit Hold’em tables at €2.5/€5 stakes. In the capital city, Berlin, the Spielbank has three different venues. They are the Potsdamer Platz, the Television Tower, and the  Altstädte Ring. Spielbank Casinos often have a tournament on their daily schedule. The smallest is a €34 event, and the largest a €165 event.

In 2006, Spielbank Hamburg opened Casino Esplanade. It became a signature venue for the German Poker Masters and the German Poker Tour. Like most casinos, you have to dress well before you can gain entrance.

There are €2-4 and  €5/10 NLHE cash games in Casino Saarbrücken. There will only be a few tournaments in a week. 

Online poker legislation

The rest of the country considers Poker as an illegal game but not prosecuted in practice. German companies get licenses to host online-money card games but the Interstate Treaty on Gambling prohibits that. Foreign companies feel safe around each other and they get to experience more fun with less hassle. You can feel anyone left into your German Players.

For players who are not into social interactions, you can try out There are many games on this website, such as BlackJack, roulette, Poker, and craps. Casinos have different rules and regulations. It is vital to abide by these to enjoy the experience more. Respecting your co-players and the dealer also plays a big role in the Poker industry over the years.

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