Poker Game – An Introduction

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Poker game is a game played using cards using the complete deck of 52 cards. The game uses the best five cards to make our hand. The objective of the poker is very simple it’s a bet game so player has to win the money in the Centre of the table called pot. The players make their bets or wagers hoping they have best in their hand.


The most important underlying rule of poker is math .It is the key factor even the psychology plays a major role we should not separate math’s from this game. In Maths, probability is a branch that plays a main role. Probability is nothing but a likelihood of an outcome either head or tail, that goes well with the cards also.

Now let’s begin the game

We need 2 people to start the game, but the poker table consists of 6 plus players and the dealer. If its played casually among with friends one person needs to be a dealer. But if you play professionally one person job is to monitor the cards as dealer.

Every round is a hand starts with the dealers giving cards to player is clockwise direction. So dealer has to give cards 2 times.

Before the round starts the payers have to make two necessary bets. They can make use of idn poker deposit pulsa. They are known as blinds and they are divided in to small blind and big blind. The amounts also needs to be decided before the game starts .The amount of big blind is double the amount of the small blind.

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Game starts

When you start the game each player checks out his hand and they need to perform the actions following

Call  – he bets an equal amount to the big blind and joins the round

Fold – exits the round by surrendering the cards to the dealer

Raise- places a bet higher than the small blind

All in – so he puts all his available chits in to the game.

While betting there are some rules to follow

  • The player with small blond has to bet the difference amount that is bib blind amount – small blind amount
  • The big blind player can check to proceed to next phase without betting any money.
  • If one player on the pot raises bet other players eithers have to call, fold or raise the bet the second phase of the game begins.
  • The person who is the dealer proceeds with the 4 th card ,one more time after the betting stage ends he will show the fifth card,
  • The games goes to fifth phase of show down that is the final stage where all the payers reveal their hands the best one is the winner and get the money in the pot.

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