Modern Features Of Online Slots Players Should Look Out for

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Back in the day, brick and mortar slot machines use a very minimal number of features. But ever since the game has been made available at online casinos, things have changed. Nowadays, online slots have all the different kinds of extras that developers can ever think of. So if you are new to online slots, here are the features that you would want to look out for.

Bonus Games

Modern slots games at 24 Club offer bonus games. It is a most-loved feature of many slots players. The bonus games are special games that can only be unlocked during the gameplay when you hit a specific combination on the reel. These games, give you more chances to increase your chances to play more or win better prizes. Remember that triggering the bonus feature is completely random.

Free Spins

Winning free spins gives you another chance to spin without having to pay for it. The free spins are triggered in different ways. But usually, the player wins the free spins after hitting 3 or more free spin or scatter symbols. And in many slots games, the free spin feature can be retriggered in the bonus games.

Multiplier Symbols

Another feature to look out for at modern slots games online are the multiplier symbols. Games with the multiplier symbols are very popular to players online. As the name suggests, this symbol can multiply your winnings. For example, if you hit the 2X multiplier bonus and it became a part of your winning combination, then you get twice the money that you should be winning without the symbol.

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Progressive Jackpots

This is one of the features that many players are looking for. Simply because with the progressive jackpot, the pot increases as more games are played. That is because a tiny percentage of every wager made is added to the top jackpot. However, winning the jackpot is not that easy. But once the winning combination is won, then you go home with the huge prize, usually millions of dollars at stake.

Scatter Symbols

Another feature that is popular to many online slots players is the scatter symbol. For a player to win the slot machine, the symbols need to line up in a certain order. With the scatter symbol, they do not need to fall in the same payline to win. As long as they appear on the screen, you win them no matter where they are.

Interesting Themed Games

One of the reasons why many players choose to play slots games is because of the themed games. Traditional slots games are common only feature fruits and bars as its symbols. And the themes these days became the predominant feature of slot machines online. The themes can be from your favourite movies, songs, entertainment brands, and more.

Online slots still remain as one of the most popular casino games online. That is why developers try to be as advanced as possible when it comes to the features that they add to these games. So when choosing slots games, make sure that you take these features into consideration.

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