Is Poker99 Online Addictive?

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Poker has become one of those games that draw people into its grasp and makes them lose all sense of reason. Unlike the actual version that we see in casinos and whatnot, which of course has been oversold by various movies and series, there is no actual body that can prevent a minor from playing the poker99 online game. A lot of millennials follow the stereotype of celebrating their 21st birthday (the official legal age) by hitting the casino lounge in certain hotels. The cash flow of money and alcohol, only to wake up the next day with a horrible hangover and empty pockets. Then again there are those lucky few that hit the jackpot. They can be divided into two categories. The ones who win and walk away with said winnings, or those that win and continue playing on a said winning streak.

Poker among Young Adults

A lot of shows we watch view Vegas as the central hub for casinos and various gambling games. There are blackjack, Tummy, Russian Roulette and, of course, Poker. Most of us as kids have grown up watching our families gambling among themselves during those get-togethers that become a tradition. We see this happen so often that it’s not long before we get pulled into the fold. Some start young, maybe at the age of 15, before long, it becomes second nature. Online poker adds various benefits just like a casino but in the digital world. Herewith poker99 online we can be anybody and no one would know. There are of course rules and regulations that restrict underage playing, but the internet is a world where almost anything can be done without getting caught. It also gives room for people who don’t have the time to physically go for a game to be able to play and gamble from anywhere, while at the same time remaining anonymous.

Playing Online Poker

The legality of Online Poker

Many have believed that the “art” of gambling is immoral. A few also believe it to be illegal. While that may be true in some countries and states, some are perfectly fine with it. The question of whether online poker is legal or not falls within a grey area. Various rules and regulations exist that consider online gambling and playing for cash are illegal. However, the thought process of whether online poker falls within that category is doubted. Poker revolves around the skill a person has with the cards dealt with him as well as being aware of what cards are left in the deck, for which, if he does well (and wins), he gets paid. This is like any other job industry, both digital and real.


In the end, we can officially say that online poker has officially taken over the online gambling world. Falling just within the lines of being legal, unlike its counterpart, it draws people in and never lets them go, just like a Venus Flytrap. Where a lot of the original charm, joy, sweat, and stress of the game is lost. It makes the phrase ‘Having a poker face’ seem moot.

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