Indonesia, raise your bans already!

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                Poker has become a staple in many countries. It has a wide spread reach amongst many people. Gambling started of in a more decent manner and bets were just placed on races and such. Nowadays it is so much more than that, yes there are still bets against races, but the gambling game has evolved. With this evolution came poker, one of the most popular games in the world. People tend to associate poker with America, but there are so many other countries, like Indonesia. Judi poker in Indonesia is extremely popular, almost everyone plays it.

How did it come to be?

            It is still unclear how this game originated, it is said that a Chinese emperor created, and another says that is was a game founded in Persia. Either way the game travelled all across the globe and it eventually came to its place in Indonesia, the date in unclear. But some how people were hooked on it. They were winning money so who wouldn’t like it, but Indonesia is a conservative country, and because of this the government wasn’t very keen on gambling being in the country. As time went on most of the ways you can play poker are online, in online casinos. And even some sites are still off limits, and so this is how poker to date came to be in Indonesia.

Online Poker

Is poker popular?

            All over the world poker is one the most popular gambling games, it is played by many, and everybody loves it, especially the citizens of Indonesia. There are online sites that you can gamble on as gambling is not taken upon lightly, so as you can see, if they have secret sites created it must be popular. It being a well mannered, and conservative country doesn’t mean that people want to let loose and have some fun. So to answer your question, yes Judi Poker Indonesia is popular, and the popularity of it is still going to keep growing.

Why is it so popular?

            In a country that does not accept gambling how can it be so popular? Well one of the main reasons why it is popular is because of John Juanda, a popular gambler across the country. Once he started to gamble people started to follow along, so I guess you can say celebrity influence really works. With this people started to game more and more, where it came to the point they built underground casinos as well. But this resulted in raids, so they moved to the internet where they could play using their own language. To go to this much trouble to gamble I would have said that they got addicted, hence the reason why it’s so popular.

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