How to play Shan Hai Jing

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Before we look at the small fonts of this Slot Machine, such as pay tables and bonuses, let’s take a look at how the sport works.

  1. First, look on the left side of the player and find the data, sound, and home icons. “I” will show you the principle, the free video games and the details to pay สล็อต เครดิตฟรี ไม่ต้องฝากก่อน ไม่ต้องแชร์ ยืนยันเบอร์โทรศัพท์. The rest of the controls are being scrolled.
  2. If you are proud of the principles of the sport, you can set your bet by clicking on the up and down arrows and selecting the bet options according to your orders.
  3. Or click the huge highest bid button on the left to automatically switch to the highest bid.
  4. If you want to change the different colored paylines for fun, you have to use the arrows next to the different choices behind the max bet button.
  5. When you are ready to start spinning, press a few start buttons during the display process. You can also select Autoplay on the right, choose how many times you like a sport, and rotate it automatically.

Guess the size and amount to pay

Shan Hai Jing’s stakes range from 0.2 to 20.00 points per spin, as all 20 paylines are active. If you want to reduce this ratio, you can reduce your active สล็อต เครดิต จิ ง ฟรี ส ปิ น from 0.01 to 1.00.

All of these symbols are paid from left to right, with the exception of options which can be paid from anywhere. The perfect combination of success would be to embody 5 of the same images and use wild alternatives. The highest awards:

  • Dragon: 1000
  • Tiger: 500
  • Mouse: 250
  • Taurus: 250
  • Chicken: 250
  • As: 125
  • King / Queen / Jack / Ten: 100
  • -Spread: 50 times the total stake

Bonus option

Shan Hai Jing has 4 free spins bonus video games. If you find three or more Phoenix scatter symbols, you will receive a cash reward and can make the next decision between them.

  1. Shows only 5 free spins, 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55 wild and scattered.
  2. Only 8 free spins, 51, ace, king, queen, jack, wild and scatter, are displayed.
  3. Show only 15 free spins, A, K, Q, J, 10 and the wild scatter.
  4. Addicting free game with up to 20 free spins and a set of shock symbols from any of the three units on the other side.


Overall, we love joining Shanghai Jin because the graphics are so cute and the creatures so detailed. Judging from the little things we noticed, this slot introduced Chinese history very well, and while it wasn’t the win we expected, it made us actively seek further training.

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