How Can Ceme Poker Be Played?

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Players who are very much familiar with the poker games know well the difference from the other variants. Today, when you hear about the poker game, it instantly signifies Texas Hold’em. In fact, there are various kinds of poker games, including ceme poker. The game can be played immediately and easily online. Here are some of the usual variants of poker games:

  • Community poker
  • Draw poker
  • Strip poker
  • Stud poker

The central concept of the poker game will remain similar. However, there are additional attributes that make them different from each other. It does not matter on the type of poker; betting is one of the standard features that all of them become the same. If you don’t experience betting, then perhaps you are not playing poker. Did you know that ceme poker is the same with Domino QQ? The playing pattern of the matches is almost similar to each other. Players must know that each card has its value. But, in Domino QQ, there are collectively four domino cards. Ceme has two domino cards. The combined points will be the basis as the winner, and the value of the two cards is determining it.


How is it played?

The game is played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of 8 players. There are two essential parts of the game: the player and the banker. Players can choose which side they wanted, either a banker of a player. Each player will be dealt with two cards before the game starts. Once a player joined the game, to understand the strategies and rules of the game can be a lot easier. The players can check the strength of the cards. After the time runs out, the cards will be shown by the players. The player who holds the highest card strength of points declared as the winner. Now, what does the card strength mean? The card strength is the overall value of the cards that the player is holding. Each value of the card is added to determine the total strength. Here are the values of the cards: from 0-9, nine is the strongest, and 0 is the weakest value. The number of aspects is determined as the winner. The two teams of the game are the banker and the player. The banker will take the credit and declared as the winner if it ends in a draw. If the value of the card of the player will end in exact nine, two times, the banker’s bet amount will be paid.

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