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Online Gambling came as a kind of relief to South East Asian countries. Some countries banned gambling completely, online or on the ground. Others banned Casinos on the ground but tolerated online gambling. This was mainly because online gambling was played digitally and with Virtual Money. Sports betting, such as Toto and Proto, in Korea was considered Quasi Legal. In general, Sports Betting which consisted of betting on actual sports events around the world, found favor with most Governments as it was considered to be fact based. Other forms of gambling, here, were usually considered illusory, and artificial, and so may have a propensity to lead the players into a dream world like an addiction.


SBOBET is the world’s leading Asian Handicap Specialist for online games. It is accepted in all the South East Asian countries, as well as in Europe. This site is licensed by the Philippines for operation in all of Asia, while the European operations are licensed by the Isle of Man. It is therefore an international bookmaker for Sporting events. It was founded in 2004 by Celton Manx. Now a new mobile based app that allows people to play SBOBET wherever they are, using their phones, has taken the world by storm. It was in this environment, that SBOBET Mobile Login found wide acceptance.

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In the mean time E-games have spread far and wide, especially in the Asian milieu. Under the brand name Dadu Online Uang Asli, games like Live Casino and Fishing World have been loved and cherished by players everywhere. Slot Machines or One Armed Bandits have not been forgotten, and flourish under the generic E-games title. Players, even full-time housewives can now experience Real-Time games with Ion Casino’s Table top games with professional Casino Dealers via video streaming. Games like Casino Dragon Tiger have become a reality with players of any station in life.

SBOBET here acts as the verifier and intermediary for both the Ion Casino and the Sports gambler. The delicate but essential matter of financial verification of both the parties, to the satisfaction of all, is thus achieved by both SBOBET Mobile Login and Dadu Online Uang Asli.


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