Betcris CEO On LatAm Sports Wagering

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JD Duarte is the CEO of the world popular sports betting firm Betcris of Latin America. The brand was taken over 12 years ago by him to develop the latest LatAm betting platform. He started sports betting in 1997 after he got out of high school. He did it as a part-time activity but the job eventually fascinated him and he decided to build a career in it. During the initial years of the company, the UIGEA came into enforcement in the United States. This made the developers and stakeholders of Betcris decide on closing down the company. But Duarte didn’t lose hope and thought to acquire the rights for the brand. The rest is known to all.

About Betcris:

The brand has come out to be a huge success in less than a decade. It has established a foothold in many countries across the globe with special operations in Southern and Central America. It is one of the most popular websites among players and betters from many nations. The brand offers a wide range of sports and games to place bets on. Users enjoy betting through it online which is very convenient and entertaining. The brand has headquarters in major states of America and is currently expanding at a commendable rate. It is operating in Malta at present under the jurisdiction of the Malta Gaming Authority. The brand has been improving its products consistently by enhancing the quality and services offered to the users. It is loved by users across the whole of America.

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What is LatAm?

LatAm is an initiative of Betcris for the region of Latin America. The brand possesses very high aspirations regarding the expansion of the brand to more jurisdictions and users in the region. According to JD Duarte, they are planning to expand their services and assistance is parts of Latin America, and setting a foothold in the market. They aim at strengthening their position in the market to attract more users and consumers to their company.

The CEO believes that they already have a strong position and reputation in Latin America and they need to work hard on the regions of Argentina and Brazil ad these two regions pose huge opportunities for LatAm. The company is motivated and ready to set their place in these two areas by assisting the users in the best possible way with excellent quality products.

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