Beat Babe88 Slot Machine: Hit The Wild Symbols

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Hitting the winning symbol combinations in a lot of machines sounds impossible. But, it is not, if you have enough knowledge on playing the slot machine. Always keep reminded that all the slot machines used RNG, which means it gives random outcomes. So, no one can say that it doesn’t give you the chance to hit the winning symbol combinations, especially the wild symbols. If you are just new to the game, you might wonder what winning symbol combinations are. Now, what is a winning symbol combination? A winning symbol combination is a sequence of symbols having the same faces appeared on the reels. But, it depends on the slot game in which symbols are associated with wild symbols, scatter symbols, and some other winning symbol combinations in a slot machine. 

The winning symbol combinations 

As a slot player, you need to know and understand the different winning symbol combinations in the slot online. The wild symbols of the slot machine have existed. The One-Armed Bandit slot machine. These symbols will be like the joker in a deck of cards. These symbols can be used on the reels to make winning combinations. For example, if you have the same symbols on reels 1 and 2, and the wild is on reel 3, then it means that you create a winning combination. What is more of it? Some of the wild symbols come with their prizes. 

The purpose of the wild symbol 

A wild symbol has the capability or the power to substitute all the other symbols on the reels. It completes a winning paylines that that is not a result of a win. The only exception of the rule is the wild cannot replace the scatter symbols, bonus symbols, or free spin. Some slot machines are considered wild that carry no individual value. However, in other slot machines, it serves as the highest-paying symbol. 

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Where and how wilds appear 

Unluckily, there is no way of controlling the appearance of the wild symbols. As the wild symbols appear randomly on the reels. But, in some slot machines, it only appears on certain reels, it may be on the center ones numbered 3, 4, or on the 5-reel slot machine. You can check on the paytable where exactly the wilds appear and what it would be and will it substitute for or not. The situation varies from game to game. Wild symbols come in different types. The wild symbols are not just standard wild. There are also special wilds. You will have types of wild symbols, such as: 

  • Sticky wild symbols
  • Stacked wild symbols

How to check your winnings 

Once the reels stop spinning, check the paytable to know the price of the matching symbols return. If the winning symbol aligns on the active payline, the winner will get paid according to the paytable. Traditionally, a slot machine featured only one payline. When the player lands three identical symbols, they win or qualify for a prize. Nowadays, things are a bit changed as the modern slot machines can have up to 100 paylines.

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